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15 May

The World is Healing

The world is healing. Here are four amazing environmental changes since lockdown began.  

In a time where it’s hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel, it’s important to look around and see what positive changes have occurred. Slowly, the world is beginning to heal.

Cleaner Air

Have you noticed the sky? Since lockdown began, cleaner air has perhaps been the most visible and positive effect on the environment. Bluer and clearer skies, thanks to one of the biggest drops in air pollution. This can be seen all over the world. 

For example, people in Northern India are seeing the view of the Himalayan mountain range for the first time in their entire lives! This is due to the drop in air pollution caused by the country’s Coronavirus lockdown.

Similarly those living in Jalandhar, in northern Punjab, have shared pictures of the mountains from rooftops overlooking empty streets. Everyone has been amazed by the view which has been clouded by pollution for almost 30 years.

Many of us here in the UK are noticing the bluer skies. From starrier nights and brighter days, the sky is looking more healthy. This can be seen in comparison photos from a year ago to today.


Seen more wildlife recently? Heard the birds singing a little louder? Some animals have been spotted taking over. From a herd of marauding goats taking over a town in Wales, to a deer in a Japanese city roaming the streets in search of food. There has been a noticeable shift in behaviours, which has ranged between the beautiful and the bizarre. 

Wild Kashmiri goats have been spotted wandering freely through Llandudno’s newly deserted streets, nibbling at hedges and springtime gardens as they go.

The animals typically spend their time grazing on the heights of the nearby Great Orme headland and only usually venture down to the town during bouts of bad weather.

See them roaming for yourself here.

Conservation Charities

Charities are still able to be busy making a difference. Many conservation groups around the UK are continuing to do all they can to restore habitats, improve biodiversity and ramp up conservation campaigns. All whilst working remotely during lockdown.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a £750m package to keep struggling charities afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. This will give hope to charities to keep going, and help the world continue to heal during the pandemic.

Venice’s Canals Have Cleared Up

The canals are healing. Venice’s famous canals are the clearest they have been in 60 years! Due to pollution levels and tourist numbers in the Italian city rapidly dropping.

With less boats on the canal, the once-murky, grey waters are now crystal clear because the sediment is still. This has welcomed swans, fish and seabirds back to the canals.

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