The Opening

The Housel Bay Hotel in Cornwall

The Opening of Housel Bay Hotel

The Housel Bay was officially opened in the summer of 1894 with a celebration luncheon, one of those present was local farmer Thomas Hendy, who later noted the occasion in his diary stating “Housel Bay Hotel opened by the shareholders with a cold luncheon. About forty sat down to a very good spread”

Local newspaper, The West Briton on the 7th June 1894 reported that the hotel would reflect credit on the county as well as those responsible for its erection. The paper continued “To celebrate the opening a large company were entertained by the Directors in the dining room.” Among the toasts proposed were ones to the architect, the contractors, the furnishers, the hotel itself (on several occasions) the clergy, the Queen of course! and showing that even a hundred years ago the value of publicity was recognised, the press. The first manageress was a Mrs. Surrell who provided the food at the opening. This was much praised by the directors who hoped it would set the standard for the fare at the hotel.


Quotes From the Opening Of The Hotel In 1894

Marconi and the centenary of the first wireless transmission

On January 23rd, 1901, a distinguished group of sponsors and enthusiasts gathered at Housel Bay to celebrate the centenary of the first wireless transmission “over the horizon”. In a Press Release dated January 9th, 2001, the National Trust describe this historic event as one of the greatest achievements in communications history. At a small hut some two hundred metres from Housel Bay Hotel, Marconi received a wireless signal from the Isle of Wight, a distance of 196 miles. Some nine months after Marconi’s triumph at Housel Bay, he sent the first transatlantic signal from nearby Poldhu to Newfoundland in Canada.