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21 Feb

‘Tasting a new season.’ A conservation with Joseph Fallowfield

With every coming season we experience not just our coastline changing, but also our ingredients. Here at Housel Bay, we work with the seasons and this is demonstrated in every dish. A conversation with our Head Chef, Joseph Fallowfield, reveals how he utilises the different ingredients available to us, as we transition from winter to spring.

“Spring is a surreal time for produce, lots of fresh bright green vegetables, spring lamb and my personal favourite, wild garlic. It hugely contrasts with the previous season which can be characterised by really comforting root vegetables and preserved fruit.  It’s this transitional period which provides a chef with the best of both worlds”

Looking directly at our new spring menu, Joseph explains “a great example is the amuse bouche that we currently serve at Fallowfields.  It’s braised lamb, (spring) jerusalem artichoke (winter), wild garlic oil (spring) and dried prune (winter).  It’s a lovely flavour combination and I’m always really excited about the feedback we get when people try it.”

Being on the Cornish coastline, we are beyond lucky with the vegetation quite literally bring available on our door step. Simply waiting to be picked and tasted, as Joseph describes,“spring really is only just getting started but brings with itself not only a new selection of ingredients we can buy but also forage. I’m a massive fan of three cornered leek and it grows everywhere. You can eat both the stem and the flower and it tastes of sweet onions. Wild garlic is another luxury which we pick ourselves, the flowers are edible but a bit strong so I prefer to blend the leaves into an oil.”

These seasonal ingredients aren’t just highlighted in savoury dishes, but in puddings as well. As Joseph describes taking, “Yorkshire rhubarb which is grown in the dark to trick it into growing before summer and then picked under candle light. This gives it that bright pink colour which everyone recognises. We pair this with gin, rose and orange blossom to make possibly my favourite dessert on the menu.”

However, on a dish that has become something of a signature for Joseph has, to top it all off “the price of the ultra delicious truffle has dropped massively, as we start to be a bit more generous with our servings. Most notably on our crumpet with wild mushrooms and parmesan. It’s simple but absolutely delicious.”

We invite you to try these delicious seasonal dishes. Simply book with us here at Fallowfields, or make the most of your experience by booking with our ‘Taste of the Season’ offer. Find out more here.

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