Focus on Food - 10th September

I never need much of an excuse to put chocolate fondant on the menu and it rained twice in one week here. Our recipe uses 70% cocoa Callebaut chocolate which it is intensely rich. We serve it with sour cherry sorbet and a couple of fresh English cherries.

For texture we add a touch of cocoa & hazelnut crumb. This has been my favourite dessert since I discovered it existed ten years ago. The rich colours coupled with an explosion of flavours on the pallet are as close to heaven that I can take you.

Dish developed by Joseph Fallowfield – 10th September 2018

Focus on Food - 3rd September

Nothing signals summer to me than the great British pea, sweet and delicious. I’ve always tried to incorporate them into my menu when they’re available.  

At Housel Bay we make them into a pannacotta and cover that with fresh local crab. The sweet crab flavour pairs incredibly well with fresh pea. We then add, tart apple, refreshing kohlrabi and peppery radish for both their unique flavours as well as their crunchy texture. The dish is finished with a touch of chive emulsion which brings all the components together.  The result is a sweet, crunchy, fresh salad that bursts with flavour and for me, really represents the seasonal Cornish produce which we are spoiled to the extent, they are right on our doorstep. 

Dish developed by Joseph Fallowfield – 3rd September 2018

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Focus on Food - 28th August

With our focus on fresh and local produce, we source as much as possible from the local area. Our beef is from Retallacks butcher which is less than a mile from the hotel. The cows graze in Kynance, again less than a mile from us. It is then dry aged for 45 days before being delivered to the Hotel.

We serve the fillet alongside the shin which we braise for 12 hours. The result is two opposite flavours in beef, one incredibly tender, the other tender, but rich and full in flavour. This dish was developed with our general manager in mind, who is South African born and has a passion for exquisite meat dishes, tender meat which oozes flavour. It has become the most popular meat dish on our menu and will be available throughout the Autumn season. 

Dish developed by Joseph Fallowfield – 28th August 2018

Focus on Food - 18th August

At Housel Bay Hotel we’re celebrating the season by pairing glorious Fresh Fish, broad beans and the sweetest of fresh peas.

There is a limited period of time where broad beans, asparagus, peas and girolles are all in season simultaneously. They pair amazingly together and when you  combine that with incredibly fresh fish we start to make magic.  At the restaurant we serve this combination with a simple, lemon butter butter sauce and Cornish earlies.  The acidity pairs well with fresh fish and also counterbalances the sweetness of the girolles. A little unsung hero of the dish is the Cornish earlies which are simply the tastiest potato of them all.  The dish has become  a firm favourite of both guests and staff at the hotel since it made its way onto the menu. It has  gained the team a reputation of excellence in the use of- and combination of -fresh local produce.

Dish developed by Joseph Fallowfield – 18th August 2018

Focus on Food - 14th August

The hot, dry Cornish summer has led to fewer strawberries this year.  However it has also meant super sweet, intensely flavoured fruit.  To take advantage of this we have produced a dish based on the classic strawberries and cream.  We replace the cream with a yogurt parfait to balance the sweetness of the strawberries and also to make the dish more refreshing. In contrast we add a touch of strawberry liqueur to the puree to further intensify the flavour and add a touch of warmth to the back of your throat.  We finish the dish with an indulgent strawberry macaroon, crunchy pumpkin seed granola, tart leaves of sorrel and flower petals from our gorgeous garden.

Dish developed by Head Chef – Joseph Fallowfield – 14th August 2018