Sample Breakfast Menu

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Breakfast Menu


An assortment of cereals

Freshly baked pastries

Homemade granola, locally sourced Cornish jersey milk&fresh fruit

A selection of local, freshly picked fruits with Cornish yogurt

Fresh orange, grapefruit&apple juice

Homemade breads, local Cornish butter&sea salt

From the kitchen

Full English

 Cornish sausage, bacon, tomato, mushroom, baked beans&egg

Eggs Benedict

 Poached eggs, English muffin, hollandaise sauce with local Cornish ham

Eggs Royal 

Poached eggs, English muffin, hollandaise sauce&smoked salmon

Cinnamon toast

Sweetly spiced toast, locally picked strawberries&Chantilly


Local honey, granola&apricot