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24 Sep

Autumn Has Arrived

The leafs have begun to fall as they change to hues of orange and red, as we feel the winds crisp sea breeze on our cheeks; Autumn has arrived.

The Lizard truly becomes an array of colours and sights. As the waves pick up, the clouds darken as the vista becomes alive with drama. We at Housel Bay want to celebrate every season and showcase all that Autumn has to offer us.

Discover Autumn at the most Southerly tip of Mainland UK with our three night ‘Taste of the Season’ offer. A perfect opportunity to try out our new autumnal menus from both our restaurants, The Terrace and Fallowfields. Summer has past and the crowds have left, allowing you to freely walk the coastal paths, and unwind on remote beach walks. As you immerse yourself in a new season.

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