Our Hotel

Where it all began…

Imagine the scene. Just over a hundred years ago, a small group of men stood on the cliffs close to Lizard Point, top hats silhouetted against the bright sky, frock coats fluttering in the light breeze. They gazed down at the Atlantic waves crashing on the rocks, below a vista of wild natural beauty. Agreement is reached, a decision made. This will be the perfect place for a new Hotel in Cornwall. 

Opening in the summer of 1894, lying nestled in the cliff in which it rests today, Housel Bay is much more than just a hotel. It has its’ very own breadth of history. Past guests include the great Marconi, who today is celebrated for sending the first signal across the ocean, mere metres from Housel Bay. 

To where we are now…

This historic character can still be felt within our walls, from our wacky knick-knacks and news clippings, to our victorian architecture with many of its original features remaining unchanged.

Slip away from the constant noise of chaotic environments, for the peace which comes from escaping to the most southern tip of the UK Mainland. Trading in skyscrapers for an endless blue horizon, Housel Bay is the perfect escape. 

We encapsulate a home from home, with many quirky nooks and hideaways laid hidden in our garden for you to withdraw to. With its’ very own private bay, Housel Bay offers uninterrupted views of glorious Cornish coastline.

As the height of summer fades, enjoy the ever changing seasons and recharge your batteries as you while away the hours gazing at the ever changing vista.

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