About Us

The Housel Bay Hotel in Cornwall

About the Housel Bay Hotel

Imagine the scene. Just over a hundred years ago, a small group of men stand on the cliffs close to Lizard Point, top hats silhouetted against the bright sky, frocks coats fluttering in the light breeze. They gaze down at the Atlantic waves crashing on the rocks below a vista of wild natural beauty. Agreement is reached, a decision made. This will be the perfect place for a new Hotel in Cornwall. 

Our Story

We want to take you back to a time when The Beach Boys were No.1 in the charts with ‘Do It Again’ and body boards were of the wooden variety. Mark Lower at the tender age of ten was having his very first taste of sunny Cornwall all the way back in 1968, where it’s safe to say, he became gripped with the Cornish magic from then on. 

Blinking back to the present, after taking the plunge of introducing his girlfriend (now wife of 34 years) Gilly to the delights of Cornwall in the 1980s, The Lower’s are now a strong family of six.  We have been visiting Cornwall every year since, doing what we like to call our Surfing Safari, bumbling down the Cornish coast line in our (very temperamental) VW Camper, still booming The Beach Boy’s to this day. 

As a family we believe in our home from home ethos, and will be incapsulating this similar environment in Housel Bay. We hope to breathe a new air of life into The Lizard, harnessing the very best Cornwall has to offer, creating a hub of Cornish activity.